Already an Attraction 136 Years Ago ...

The feat of roasting an entire ox on a spit turned the Ochsenbraterei into a real attraction during its first years at the German Oktoberfest. Johann Rössler, the butcher who started the tradition, used a special roasting machine of his own design for many years. It was quite a spectacle, creating an enormous racket and belching clouds of smoke. The machine consisted of two main parts: a "locomobile" mounted on four iron wheels, and a rotisserie with a revolving spit, an enclosure and a smokestack.

An attraction since 1881, the oxes of the Ochsenbraterei - Picture 1

... and Still a Mouthwatering Treat Today for Best Oktoberfest Food.

Today the ox is roasted on a modern revolving spit, but it tastes just as good as ever. The special thing about ox meat: while the animal is growing, intramuscular fat accumulates, which makes it taste much better - the meat stays juicy and tender while roasting. The Ochsenbraterei's professional cooks are especially skillful at turning ox meat into a real delight for the palate. A glance at the menu reveals that - in contrast to the old days, when a simple slab of roast ox was the standard fare - ox meat is now served in many inventively delicious ways and combinations – best Oktoberfest food.

An attraction since 1881, the oxes of the Ochsenbraterei - Picture 2