Food and drink

Natural tastes best!

Our kitchen is the heart of the Ochsenbraterei. Trained cooks, butchers and chicken roasters supported by women and men in the kitchen helpers and dishwashers team constantly prepare all dishes fresh for our guests – more than 100 people are constantly active in our kitchen for our guests and enjoyment.

The entire kitchen team, led by kitchen director Richard Lindermeier and head chef Raimund Klapka, lives our culinary philosophy:

Animal welfare has been at the forefront of the selection of all animal products for our menu for decades – we have constantly developed this credo so that only ingredients that meet our requirements for animal welfare and animal protection make it onto the shopping list of our kitchen crew. This applies equally to meat and poultry.

Regional products are particularly important to us – because the shorter the distance for vegetables and meat from the producer to our kitchen, the better and, above all, tastier.

In addition, we see it as a matter of tradition that we, as Munich Gastronom:innen, work together with responsible farms from our homeland.

Organic ingredients are a matter of course for us wherever possible. Year after year we increase the organic portion on our menu. Together with our suppliers, we find new, innovative solutions every year in order to be able to produce the quantities that our Ochsenbraterei kitchen needs in organic quality.

The Ochsenbraterei is an organic part-certified company according to DE-ÖKO-006. Our suppliers are the Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten, the organic butchery Juffinger GmbH and the Regenbogen Arbeit gGmbH as well as potato farmer Seitz Naturland- and QS Quality from Bavaria-certified.

Private farm poultry yards

The poultry for our Wiesn chicken comes exclusively from private poultry farms.

To achieve their label of the German Animal Welfare Association “For more animal welfare”, numerous criteria must be met.


  • more time to grow up: robust, slow-growing chicken breed.
  • more space due to reduced stocking: spacious open stables with winter gardens and natural day and night rhythm
  • varied environment: straw bales, pecking stones, perches and retreats
  • no genetically modified feed, high standards for animal transport, strict controls in accordance with the guidelines of the German Animal Welfare Association.

Overview of our ingredients


  • Bavarian ox meat from the Karlshof Municipal Estate, Munich-Ismaning, from animal husbandry appropriate to the species (open stalls and runs strewn with straw), slow growing of the animals (breed: Fleckvieh, balanced feeding with raw fiber content), regional feed (feed almost exclusively produced in-house; not GMO-altered, no feeding antibiotics).
  • Poultry from private farm poultry farms (reared and slaughtered in Bavaria from a varied environment with straw bales, pecking stones, perches, etc., more time to grow up (robust, slower-growing chicken breed), more space in the barns (lower stocking density, outdoor access) and animal welfare label entry level “For more animal welfare” of the German Animal Welfare Association.
  • Bavarian organic press sack, organic aspic and organic Regensburg burger from Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten
  • Organic roast pork from the organic butcher Juffinger from Tyrol
  • Bavarian organic potatoes for the potato salad from Naturland and QS quality in Bavaria certified potato farmer Seitz.
  • Bavarian organic vegetables for snacks and side dishes from the “Regenbogen Arbeit” from Pliening

Vorgeschmack auf unsere Speisekarte 2022:

1/2 frisches Privathof-Geflügel Wiesn-Hendl

“Qualität aus Bayern”
mit Blattpetersilie gefüllt und Bauernbutter knusprig gegrillt

2 Paar Strohschwein-Schweinswürstl

mit Sauerkraut


mit Hermannsdorfer Landwerkstätten Sülze, Regensburger und Grillhaxerl, Geräuchertes, Bergkäse, Obatzter, Bio-Eiszapfen- und -Radi, Gurke, Tomate und 2 Scheiben Bio-Brot

Dampf-Rohrnudel mit Honigkruste

serviert mit Vanille-Soße

Feinste marmorierte Rinderlende

an kräftiger Rotweinsoße mit Kartoffelsalat aus Bio-Kartoffeln

Feurige Ochsenbratwurst mit Käse

3 Stück mit Kartoffelsalat aus Bio-Kartoffeln

Hausgem. Spinat-Brezn-Knödel – vegetarisch –

mit Spinat, brauner Butter und Tomatenragout

Maß Spaten-Bier

frisch gezapftes Oktoberfestbier unserer Spaten-Brauerei


Ochsenbraten, marmorierte Teile vom Rind an kräftiger Rotweinsoße mit Kartoffelsalat aus Bio-Kartoffeln

Schweinsbraten vom Bio-Schwein

mit Krusperl, dunkler Soße und geriebenem Kartoffelknödel

Vegane Pflanzerl auf Erbsen-Basis und Soße

mit Kartoffelsalat aus Bio-Kartoffel

Veganes Schwammerlgulasch mit Pulled auf Erbsen-Basis

mit Kartoffelknödel

Ox tradition

The history of the Ochsenbraterei dates back to 1881.

Johann Rössler, butcher and founder of the Ochsenbraterei, visited the Theresienwiese for a long time with a machine specially developed for roasting oxen. This caused quite a stir – simply because of the noise and smoke it spread.

The machine consisted of two central elements: a locomobile mounted on four iron wheels and a frying device with a rotating spit, housing and chimney.

Today, of course, the ox is roasted on a modern spit.

The special feature of ox meat: during growth, intermuscular fat is deposited in the meat of the ox, which positively affects the taste characteristics – the meat remains juicy and tender when roasted.

A look at the menu of the Ochsenbraterei shows: The variety of preparation of our cooks goes beyond the classic “ox portion” – the ox is served in many delicious variations.