The Ochsenbraterei

Tradition is held high in the Ochsenbraterei – just as the Bavarian white and blue sky is held high by the hand-painted traditional costume figures in the festival tent.

What makes our tent special is both the culinary offer and the ambience, which has been created by the Haberl host family for more than forty years.

The tent takes its name from the ox grill, the only one on the entire Theresienwiese since 1881, which also symbolically decorates the tent above the main entrance.

Our hospitality emphasizes natural and fresh delights for the palate, accompanied by professionally performed music in a bright ambience where each and every guest can feel welcome.

In all its activities, the team of the Ochsenbraterei is committed to sustainability, because only in this way can traditions be preserved and celebrated in a contemporary way for a long time to come.


Sustainability starts for us on the menu, but runs through the entire tent, to every area. Wherever possible, we work in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly way.

The share of our organic food and regional ingredients is constantly growing. Year after year, we pay attention to develop – in terms of environmental aspects and social-social issues – and promote sustainability.

The Ochsenbraterei is an organic part-certified company according to DE-ÖKO-006.

“It’s up to our generation to look at the environment. That starts with animal welfare and continues with energy issues.”

 Festival host Antje Haberl

Examples of sustainability in the marquee


  • Cooperation with the non-profit limited liability company “Regenbogen Arbeit
  • Green electricity keeps the Ochsenbraterei running
  • The ox stables of the Karlshof Municipal Estate draw their energy from their own biogas plant
  • Our laundry is certified for particularly environmentally friendly washing processes
  • Paper towels and toilet paper from recycled paper
  • Certified waste disposal (LGA)
  • Abandon all printed materials such as flyers, stickers, etc. that are not absolutely necessary.

Oktoberfest band Mathias Achatz

Since 2016, the bandmaster Mathias Achatz has been on our Ochsenbraterei stage with up to 24 professional musicians and singers.

At lunchtime, there is traditional, high-quality brass music and solo performances by the bandmaster. In the course of the afternoon, the music changes over to mood music with current Wiesn hits, old hits and current hits from the charts.

You can expect traditional, high-quality brass music and solo performances by the bandmaster at the Mittagswiesn. Towards the evening, the music changes over to mood music with current Wiesn hits, old hits and modern songs from the charts.

The Oktoberfestkapelle Mathias Achatz supports our claim to hospitality in the best sense: In the Ochsenbraterei you can enjoy culinary and musical delights!