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Our menu 2023

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Our oxes come from the Karlshof Municipal Estate

Ox roast classic

€ 21,70

Roast ox in a strong red wine sauce with potato salad made from organic potatoes

Finest marbled beef loin

€ 29,80

in a strong red wine sauce with potato salad made from organic potatoes

Tender fillet of beef, rose roasted

€ 42,50

with gratin of organic potatoes, crunchy garden vegetables and light pepper sauce

Ox prime rib, roasted pink - approx. 500 g

€ 37,60

with potato-cucumber salad from organic potatoes

Plate meat boiled (ox brisket)

€ 19,90

with organic root vegetables, grated horseradish and organic parsley potatoes

Lean straw pork knuckle

€ 21,80

with Krusperl and grated potato dumpling

½ roasted Wiesn chicken

€ 16,70

stuffed with leaf parsley and grilled crispy with organic farm butter

Roast organic pork

€ 21,80

with Krusperl, dark sauce and grated potato dumpling

Beef cheeks braised in red wine sauce

€ 22,80

with organic potato gratin and organic wild mushroom vegetables

Beef fillet goulash

€ 23,40

with spicy pepper-red wine sauce, organic rosemary potatoes, organic zucchini bell pepper vegetables

Ox burger - 200 g - medium roasted

€ 19,80

with cheese, special smoky BBQ sauce, potato chips

Homemade ox meatballs

€ 17,20

with gravy and potato salad from organic potatoes


Munich liver dumpling soup

€ 7,20

with chives

Mushroom soup

€ 8,60

with noble mushrooms and leaf parsley

Pancake soup

€ 6,80

with chives


White sausage from straw pig, 2 pieces

€ 7,80

with sweet mustard (until 2 pm)

Ox bratwurst fiery with cheese

€ 14,20

with potato salad from organic potatoes

Pork sausage from straw pig, 2 pairs

€ 13,20

with sauerkraut


Organic cucumber salad with jar with dill cream

€ 5,20

Potato dumplings with sauce, 1 piece

€ 5,20

Potato salad from organic potatoes

€ 5,20

Coleslaw with caraway

€ 5,20

VEGAN DELICATIES with chef Sebastian Copien

Vegan snack plate

€ 16,80

vegan deli salad like Lyonnaise style meat salad made with sunflower seeds, vegan sausage spread based on sunflower protein, vegan chili “landjäger” saussage based on wheat protein, pickled gherkins, radish, vegan butter, organic sourdough bread

Vegan delicatessen salad like meat salad Lyon style

€ 11,40

from sunflower seeds, Bavarian Roll

Spicy plantlets from field bean/pea proteins

€ 16,80

with gravy and potato salad from organic potatoes

Vegan sausage from pea protein

€ 15,20

with mashed organic potatoes, buttered breadcrumbs, mushroom-mayoram- Gravy, young organic spring onion rings

Vegan mushroom goulash

€ 16,40

with Pulled on pea base with potato dumplings


Original Allgäuer cheese spaetzle

€ 15,20

with grated organic Tilsiter and organic mountain cheese and roasted onions

Fresh creamed mushrooms

€ 19,80

Porcini, chanterelles, mushrooms, boletus with pretzel dumplings

Homemade spinach pretzel dumplings

€ 15,20

with organic spinach and tomato ragout


Beef tartare

€ 21,70

freshly dressed, richly garnished, 2 slices of organic sourdough bread and organic butter


€ 7,50

salted free-range organic radish and radishes

Organic alpine cheese from Obermoos organic farm diced per 100 g

€ 10,80

Glonntaler, mountain cheese, mountain herbs, chili cheese, richly garnished, 2 slices of organic sourdough bread and organic butter

Obatzter in a jar

€ 12,80

garnished with organic radishes and blue onions, 2 slices of organic sourdough bread

Brotzeitbrettl, all organic

€ 18,80

Hermannsdorfer Landwerkstätten aspic, Regensburger, cold roast pork, smoked meat, Mountain cheese, herb cream cheese, radish, cucumber, tomato and 2 slices of organic sourdough bread

Sausage salad

€ 12,80

Straw pork Regensburger sausages in vinegar and oil, with blue onions, chives, Cucumber, egg, tomato and 2 slices of organic sourdough bread

Wiesn pretzel from the bakery Piller

€ 6,20

continuously freshly baked in the ox fryer



€ 14,80

with rum raisins and cranberries

Bavarian cream from faba bean proteins – vegan –

€ 11,40

with raspberry puree in a jar

Sweet steam dumoling with honey crust

€ 10,80

served with vanilla sauce

Cream apple strudel

€ 8,80

served with vanilla sauce


Our drink menu 2023

1 Spaten Wiesn-Mass

€ 14,50

1 Radler-Mass

€ 14,50

1 Spaten Mass non-alcoholic

€ 14,50

Afri Cola

€ 5,70

je 0,5 l

Bluna Mix Cola Orange

€ 5,70

je 0,5 l

Sparkling water

€ 5,00

je 0,5 l

Specials 2023

Children and family offers


(until 7 pm)

Bluna Orange

€ 2,50

0,3 l

Pork sausage from straw pig, 2 pieces

€ 5,20

with mashed potatoes from organic potatoes

Spaetzle with tomato sauce

€ 5,20


(Monday to Friday until 4 pm)

First week of Oktoberfest


Pichelsteiner stew with brisket of ox

Second week of Oktoberfest

€ 12,50

Ox goulash cooked creamy with butter spaetzle


The kitchen of the Ochsenbraterei

At Ochsenbraterei it tastes naturally well

Our kitchen is the heart of the Ochsenbraterei. Here we cook all dishes fresh for our guests – from the sauce that simmers for days to the Kaiserschmarrn made from fresh eggs.

In our kitchen, trained cooks, butchers and our chicken roasters, who come to us year after year from a village in Tyrol for the Wiesn, work as absolute professional grillers, supported by a large team of kitchen helpers and our dishwashers – more than 100 people work in our kitchen for our guests and the enjoyment on all Wiesn days from early morning until the tent closes.

Since 2022 there is also a separate kitchen team for our vegan dishes, whose recipes we have developed together with the vegan chef and expert Sebastian Copien:

These are prepared in a separate kitchen area so that ingredients, pots, pans, knives & co never come into contact with animal products. If vegan, then really vegan and of course freshly and tastily prepared.

The entire kitchen team under the direction of kitchen director Richard Lindermeier and chef Raimund Klapka lives our culinary philosophy:


Animal welfare has been the top priority in the selection of all animal products for our menu for decades – we have constantly developed this credo so that only ingredients that meet our requirements for animal welfare and animal protection make it onto the shopping list of our kitchen crew. This applies equally to meat and poultry.


Regional products are particularly important to us – because the shorter the distance for vegetables and meat from the producer to our kitchen, the better and, above all, the tastier.

In addition, we consider it a matter of tradition that we, as Munich restaurateurs, work together with responsible farms from our home region.


Organic ingredients are a matter of course for us wherever possible. Year after year we increase the organic portion on our menu. Together with our suppliers we find new, innovative solutions every year to be able to produce the quantities our Ochsenbraterei kitchen needs in organic quality.

The Ochsenbraterei is an organic part-certified company according to DE-ÖKO-006. Our suppliers are the Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten, the organic butchery Juffinger GmbH and the Regenbogen Arbeit gGmbH as well as potato farmer Seitz, Naturland- and “QS Qualität aus Bayern”-certified.

In the „SUSTAINABILITY section“, there is detailed information on all our actions for animal welfare, environmental protection, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Our chicken

Private poultry farms

The poultry for our Wiesn chicken comes exclusively from private poultry farms. In order to achieve their label of the German Animal Welfare Association “For more animal welfare”, numerous criteria must be met.

– more time to grow up: robust, slow-growing chicken breedsmore space due to less stocking: spacious open barns with winter gardens and natural day and night rhythm

– varied environment: straw bales, pecking stones, perches and retreats

– no genetically modified feed, high standards for animal transport, strict controls according to the guidelines of the German Animal Welfare Association.

Ochsenbraterei auf dem Oktoberfest Kuechenpass
Private farm poultry farms

Since 2014, all chickens for the Wiesn chicken have come from private farmsteads in Bavaria.

Vegetables in organic quality

Wherever possible, we use organic vegetables - in any case, we pay attention to regional partner farms.

Ox from the Karlshof estate

Since 1986, our ox meat has come from the Karlshof Estate.

Kaiserschmarrn from fresh eggs

In the Ochsenbraterei we cook fresh - and only with fresh eggs, which are beaten one by one.

Family dishes

Every weekday at lunchtime there are special offers for families - freshly cooked for relaxed Wiesn enjoyment.

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