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Our conviction

Sustainability concerns us all

Sustainability is not a necessity for us, but a matter of course. We respect the environment and nature, which gives us the ingredients for our cuisine, the wood for our tent construction, the water for all areas and so much more.

Without a healthy nature we cannot be hosts:inside. Because all our ingredients come from nature – for the kitchen as well as for the Spaten beer.

For this reason, we as a host family started decades ago to manage sustainably – even if we called it something else back then: Natural. Economical. Traditional and always with an awareness of goal-oriented modernization. We have continued to develop this.

The share of our organic food and regional ingredients is constantly growing.

We work in all areas of the Ochsenbraterei in a resource-saving and environmentally friendly way.

Year after year, we make sure to develop ourselves in environmental aspects, take up social-social issues and promote sustainability.

The Ochsenbraterei has been an organic part-certified company according to DE-ÖKO-006 for years.

Green electricity

Since 2019, green electricity keeps the Ochsenbraterei up and running


The Karlshof municipal estate draws its energy from its own biogas plant


Our laundry is certified for particularly environmentally friendly washing processes.

Certified waste disposal

The certified waste disposal (LAD) is as natural for us as the fulfillment of the guidelines of 'United against Waste'.


A heat pump ensures high savings in electricity consumption; residual heat from heating the water for the rinse cycles is used to dry the dishes.

No use of printed materials

We do not waste any resources – and therefore we do without flyers, stickers & Co, which are not necessary.

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