Dear guests of the Ochsenbraterei,

it was a pleasure with you and you during the Wiesn 2022! Many thanks on behalf of our entire team of service, kitchen, music, tent organization, …

In many ways it was a special Oktoberfest for all of us – and probably also for Petrus, when we think back to the Wiesn weather this year. This Wiesn was cheerful, peaceful and rainy …

Now all we have to do is say thank you and look forward to seeing you again when the ox wires itself again!

Stay healthy and as cheerful as you were when you visited our tent,

Your host family
Antje Haberl and Luis Schneider

Our dishes

Regional, natural and respecting animal welfare

Nature provides the best ingredients – and we respect every living creature that gives meat for our cuisine. Following this credo, we cook up fresh in the Ochsenbraterei kitchen:

Ox meat from the Karlshof Municipal Estate, poultry from private family farms that meet all the requirements for the quality seal “For more animal welfare” of the German Animal Welfare Association, straw pork from regional farms – and vegetables, lettuce, herbs and fruit wherever possible in organic quality from regional farmers.

Our philosophy

Quality and sustainability

Just as we value quality and naturalness in our culinary offerings, we also live these standards in our entire tent operation:
green electricity is just as much a matter of course for us as the use of e-cars when we have to resort to automobiles.

Using the latest technology, we strive to be as resource-efficient as possible in the Ochsenbraterei – from the erection of our tent through the Oktoberfest weeks with you and yours to the dismantling. Sustainable management is not a task for us, but a concern.

Our music

From the oldie to the Wiesn hit

Since 2016, the Oktoberfestkapelle Mathias Achatz has been providing us with musical entertainment in the Ochsenbraterei: with traditional, high-quality brass music, solo performances at concert level and, of course, mood music from old hits to the latest Wiesn hit.